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Introducing our new and improved, ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE Program

Each calendar year, Next Stop Creatives will host one Artist in Residence, from the months of July-December. Our A.I.R program came out of an itch to collaborate with new people and create space for artists to explore new parts of their creative process. 

Each artist will be given the following:

  • months to work on and create at least one project of their own,
    fully funded and supported by the Nex
    t Stop Team

  • The opportunity to work on both Client and In-house projects   

  • Space, resources, and projects for collaboration purposes


Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 10.01.35 PM.png


Artist in Residence: September - December

Rachel (she/her/they/them) - Rachel started her career as a performer from a young age and has recently stepped into her power as a bold and present director. With a BFA in Musical Theatre from Western Carolina University, she has been a part of many collaborative processes and loves being part of a dynamic team.  Multi-facetness is one of the many beautiful parts of being an artist and telling meaningful, connected stories is an irrefutable truth of humanity as well as something Rachel works towards in her work. Since being in New York City, she has trained with Atlantic Acting School, worked on incredible new works with the Hearty Meal Theatre Company, and assisted Hunter Foster with his innovative direction of The Bridges of Madison County at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center. She is beyond excited to have this journey with Next Stop Creatives and can't wait to see they can create together. 

To fill out an application, click HERE

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